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Short Introduction

designer Gabriel T. Byrne
1995-now Print/ Graphic Design & Illustration
2005-now Webdesign/ Frontend Development
Born Tucson, AZ
also Seattle, Santa Fe, Philly
Jetzt Kaufbeuren, Bayern


JQuery Java Script
Cold Fusion

Things I use:

Photoshop Illustrator
InDesign Dreamweaver
Nikon Camera Pen & Paper


COMPUTERLINKS AG - München 2011 thru current
Albert M. Greenfield & Co., Inc. 2007 thru 2011
Cobrawine Design Studio 1995 thru 2010
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (MFA) 2003 thru 2005
Cornish College of the Fine Arts (BFA) 1992 thru 1995
Art Center of Tucson (AA) 1990 thru 1992

...creative culture...

GTB is a designer, artist, musician and maker of things generally. GTB has been involved in music, design and art culture his whole life. This involvement has taken many forms, including as a supporter and lover of all things ...beautiful, interesting, meaningful, awe-inspiring, raw, extreme, passionate, sublime, inspired and holy... as well as through more direct participation in events, exhibitions, theater, concerts, circuses, parties, festivals and other activies that lend themselves to the richness of human culture and experience. without the limitations of specificity...

Design exists in every territory of human thought and activity. Every ‘thing’ in the world is designed and so GTB looks to design in every discipline, as well as looking to the inherent design of natural systems (NATURE is a multidimensional, timelapse designer through the push and pull of order and chaos); biological systems, subatomic systems, interstellar systems... GTB appreciates architecture and landscape design and brings this sense of space and atmosphere into the design work. GTB is inspired by furniture & industrial design and brings this sense of structure and clean form to typography. GTB is moved by musical composition and incorporates rythm, accent and crescendo to the unfolding potential of a Design Project. GTB starts every project with pen and paper.

Gabriel T. Byrne Design